Samuel R. Hazo is a music educator and composer of several band works.  He wrote Perthshire Majesty in 2003 on a commission from the Tara Winds of Atlanta, Georgia and their conductor Dr. David Gregory.  Hazo’s inspiration for the piece came from Dr. Gregory’s ancestry in Perthshire County, Scotland, and the composer’s warm feelings toward the members of the band.  Perthshire Majesty was the winner of the 2003 William D. Revelli composition contest.

Sam Hazo’s website, including his bio and the full program notes for Perthshire Majesty.

A little peek at Perthshire County, Scotland.

Finally, a YouTube rendition of the piece – not much to look at, but a wonderful performance.

This one was a Senior Choice for tenor saxophonist, aspiring trumpeter, and CUWE president Jeremy Seltzer ’09.