Jan Van der Roost (b. 1956) is a Belgian composer whose works span many styles and genres.  These works have been performed around the world in at least 45 countries.  He teaches at the Lemmensinstituut in Belgium (also his alma mater), and he holds guest and visiting positions at 3 music schools in Japan.

Van der Roost’s inspiration for Canterbury Chorale came from a visit to Canterbury Cathedral in England.  According to his website:

This quiet piece with its broad tones was originally written for brass band on request of Robert Leveugle, chairman of the composers own band: Brass Band Midden Brabant (Belgium). The direct cause was a visit to the beautiful cathedral of the English city Canterbury, in which so many fine compositions sounded throughout the centuries. Later on, Jan Van der Roost rescored this piece for symphonic wind band, exploring the full richness of colours of this formation. Besides solo phrases for several instruments, there are some massive tutti passages making the wind orchestra sound like a majestic organ. By the way: an “ad libitum” organ part adds an extra richness, colour and power to this piece, making it sound even more broad and grand.

Canterbury Chorale on Youtube:

Jan Van der Roost’s website.