Wisconsin native Larry Daehn (b. 1939) is an active composer of band works with a publication company that bears his name.  Nottingham Castle dates from 1997, and it comes with the following program notes (links added by me):

Nottingham Castle was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century.  The town of Nottingham and the county Nottinghamshire grew up around the castle.  In the Middle Ages, some 200 square miles of Nottinghamshire were covered by Sherwood Forest, famous for its oak trees (many fine specimens still survive) and the exploits of the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood.

Only the gateway of the original castle remains today.  The site is now occupied by the palace of the duke of Newcastle, which has been turned into a museum and art gallery.  A statue of Robin Hood stands in front of the castle, on Castle Green.

To suggest early British folk tunes, this piece for young band uses the natural minor modes (Aeolian at 9 and 28, Dorian at 53).  The bright key of F major (at 19, 44, and 71) is meant to describe Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Stanton’s Listening Lab has a professional-quality recording of Nottingham Castle available.  On YouTube, this is among the best:

It’s also available at J. W. Pepper. For some British folk context, here is a contemporary take on one of the many ballads written about Robin Hood: