On the calendar, Summer 2017 looked like a nice breather from past years that featured cross-country moves and other big life changes.  But it felt jam-packed, dominated by two conferences and two guest spots.  Here’s how it all went down.


I started by traveling to the WASBE conference in Utrecht, Netherlands from July 18-22.  In addition to connecting with people from all over the world and seeing some amazing concerts, I gave a presentation entitled “Repertoire Resources for the 21st Century Global Wind Band Conductor”, which featured this site and the Wind Band Symphony Archive, among many others.  I also wrote a daily post while I was there featuring the highlights of each day: Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5.


The following week, I appeared with Columbia Summer Winds at Central Park on July 29.  Here is what they had in the folders:

March and Procession of Bacchus – Leo Debiles, arr. Krienes

Music from Up – Michael Giacchino, arr. Brown

Galop – Gary Gilroy

Shenandoah – Frank Ticheli 

South Pacific Symphonic Scenario – Richard Rodgers, arr. Rogers (conducted by me)

Keynote Address – J. Scott McKenzie (2016 Outdoor Composition Contest Winner)

Cuban Overture – George Gerswhin – arr. Rogers (conducted by me)

The Stars and Stripes Forever – John Philip Sousa


A couple of weeks later, the New York State Band Directors Association (full disclosure – I’m their 3rd VP) put on a Director’s Band as part of the New York State Summer Music Conference from August 13-15.  This year’s band, 66 members strong, was led by Jeffrey Traster, who picked the following:

New York Fanfare – Jeffrey Traster (world premiere)

American Elegy – Frank Ticheli

Metroplex – Robert Sheldon

Poco Adagio – Jeffrey Traster

Shepherd’s Hey – Percy Grainger, ed. Mark Rogers



Finally, I filled in as the guest conductor of the Oneonta Community Concert Band at their Teddy Bear’s Picnic concert on Sunday, August 20, at Wilber Park in Oneonta, NY.  This was a children’s concert that looked like this:

Star Spangled Banner – Francis Scott Key, arr. Robert Russell Bennett

The Mosquito’s Parade – Howard Whitney, arr. Paul Yoder

A Morning in Noah’s Ark – T. H. Rollinson

The Black Horse Troop – John Philip Sousa

The Syncopated Clock – Leroy Anderson, arr. Philip J. Lang

His Honor – Henry Fillmore, arr. Frederick Fennell

The Entertainer – Scott Joplin, arr. Alfred Reed

The Teddy Bear’s Picnic – John W. Bratton, arr. W. C. O’Hare

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers – Leon Jessel, arr. John J. Morrissey

Beauty and the Beast – Alan Menken, arr. Michael Sweeney

On the Mall – Edwin Franko Goldman, arr. Lake


It was quite a summer, capped by a much-hyped solar eclipse (no path of totality for me, sadly) just before school responsibilities resumed.  I hope everyone has a great year!