Ohio native, eighth-grade dropout, and self-taught composer Karl Lawrence King (1891-1971) got his musical start in circus bands.   There, he began writing circus marches including the classic Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite, eventually amassing an oeuvre of more than 300 light works.  Initially a cornet player, he later switched to euphonium, so he made sure to feature the low brass prominently in many of his marches.  He spent the bulk of his career in Fort Dodge, Iowa, where he conducted what would become the Karl King Band.

Opening with a crisp trumpet fanfare, Lexington March (first published in 1945) is a carousel march that is fun for players and audiences alike.  This video features a Japanese band marching with apparently pre-recorded (but very fine) audio of Lexington March.  Whether the two are meant to match is unclear.  Regardless, it is a great reference recording:

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