Award-winning American composer John Frantzen (b. 1964) has had his music performed around the world.  Equally comfortable in electronic and traditional acoustic media, his music spans many genres.  A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, he remains active in New York while living in Los Angeles, where he runs his own publishing house, Frantzen Music Press (which doubles as his composer website).

Euphoria, a short burst of energy that works well as a concert opener, won Second Prize in the 2nd International Frank Ticheli Composition Contest in the category of works for experienced players.  Frantzen’s program notes from the score:

Euphoria in its development reflects those rare moments where one is totally immersed in the unabashed vibrancy of life.  The swirling textures and rhythmic interplay of the score reveal a state of being unencumbered by lingering everyday concerns, so common in our youth, where all things are possible.

Euphoria was commissioned by the Liverpool High School Bands under the direction of Michael J. Coldren, Joseph L. Filio, Jr., and James R. Spadafore.  The premiere performance was given by the Liverpool High School Concert Ensemble, Joseph L. Filio, Jr., conductor, at the Liverpool High School Auditorium in Liverpool, New York, on May 31, 2001.

See the score at Manhattan Beach Music while you listen: